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An Ideal Society
[17 Nov 2010 | One Comment | 852 views]

What’s your ideal society?

This is a difficult question for me, since I have no experience creating societies. I’ll do the best I can do to describe what I think, to me, would be an ideal society.

I will break my society down into its constituent parts.

–Race and Ethnicity
At first, it seems like eliminating ethnic differences would be ideal–because it would remove one area in…

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Immigration History of the Thai to the United States
[17 Nov 2010 | 6 Comments | 2,418 views]

Before 1960, there was not much to see
of the Thai in those States they call free.

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Billy Talent – Definition of Destiny Lyrics
[18 Dec 2009 | No Comments | 26 views]

Since everywhere else had incorrect lyrics for this song, I’m posting the correct ones here. (If anyone sees any errors, please point them out.)

Definition of Destiny, by Billy Talent. From Billy Talent III (2009)…

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Sickabod Sane (aka Chris Burns)
[14 Oct 2009 | No Comments | 145 views]

Two of my favorite Sickabod Sane songs.

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