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Courses I’ve Taken

    2008 Fall

  • CS 60: Intro to C++/Unix (Eliot Jacobson).
  • CCS CS 1A/AL: Computer Programming & Organization I (Murat Karaorman).
    A ground-up introduction to computing. We began the quarter with a presentation, given by Jay Freeman which began with a relay, and from there, built everything that was needed for a computer. This was the inspiration for my transistor computer
  • Math 3CI: Differential Equations / Linear Algebra 1 (Pawel Gladki).
  • Physics 2: Kinematics and Energy (Ernest Freund).
    We covered rotational dynamics, statics, gravitation, periodic motion/springs, fluid mechanics, temperature and heat, thermal properties of matter, entropy.
    2009 Winter

  • CS 130A: Data Structures and Algorithms in C++ (Yuan-Fang Wang).
    We mostly studied image recognition and proof by induction.
  • CCS CS 1B/BL: Computer Programming & Organization II (Murat Karaorman).
    The infamous Jay Freeman again gave some presentations, this time about designing websites and what it’s like to code to someone else’s specifications/needs. We also covered some basic algorithms.
  • CCS CS 130H: Research Methods in CS (Phillip Conrad).
    Presentations by faculty on their areas of research.
  • Math 5AI: Differential Equations and Linear Algebra 2 (Pawel Gladki)
    2009 Spring

  • CS 170: Operating Systems (Chris Kruegel).
  • Math 117: Methods of Analysis (Carlos Garcia-Cervera).
  • Math 145: Intro to Topology (Michael Williams).
  • Math CS 120: Probability and Discrete Math (Guillaume Bonnet).
    An introductory course on probability theory, with an emphasis on discrete probability and combinatorics. Basic formalism of probability, combinatorial methods, the main discrete distributions and generating functions. Basic theory of random walks and some applications in biology, computer science and mathematical finance.
  • PStat 120A: Probability and Statistics (Janos Englander).
    2009 Summer

  • Independent Study
    2009 Fall

  • CS 279: Advanced Topics in Security (Giovanni Vigna).
  • French 50BX: Love Bound & Unbound (Catherine Nesci).
  • Math 115a: Introduction to Number Theory (Larry J. Gerstein).
  • Math CS 120: Complex Variables (Gustav Ponce).
    2010 Winter

  • CS 160: Compilers (Chris Kruegel).
  • CS 176B: Networking II (Ben Zhao).
  • Cryptography (Cetin Kaya Koc).