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Windows Programs

fluke (OS X): On OS X, allows playing of flac within itunes.

MPC-HC: Excellent video player.

mp3DirectCut: Losslessly cuts/splits mp3′s

Notepad++: Notepad replacement with spell check and tabs, plus other features.

WinHTTrack: Download entire websites. Also includes a nice saved webpage browser.

VLC: Media player that plays nearly everything. Uses internal decoders.

KatMouse: Scroll windows with you mouse wheel simply by hovering the cursor over them and scrolling.

Liberkey: A great portable (or local) software suite that includes many GPL’d or similar programs. Comes in three versions: lite, standard, full.

WhatTheFont: Find out what font an image is using.

you get signal: Online network tools.

Security Tools: A very good list based on a survey of 3,243 people from the Insecure.Org nmap-hackers mailing list.

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